SPM GM Says Ericsson “Aced” His First IndyCar Test

(via – Marcus Ericsson impressed the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports-Honda team with his enthusiasm and professionalism at Sebring today, as the ex-Formula 1 racer completed his first ever IndyCar test.

According to SPM’s new general manager Taylor Kiel, the 28-year-old Swede completed “around 100 or 115 laps” of Sebring’s short course, going through five sets of tires as he adapted from the Sauber-Ferrari Formula 1 car he raced in Abu Dhabi just nine days ago to the Dallara-Honda IndyCar.

“Today was about gaining information we needed about him and his driving, and answering questions I’m sure he had about how IndyCars work and how we operate,” Kiel told “We needed to know about his driving style and his feedback, and I think we answered a lot of questions we had about each other.

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